Monday, October 29, 2007

guilty, guilty, guilty

Now that Beachwood and her delicate musical sensibilities have found a home, the cats and I are back to blasting Diamanda Galás and sending our upstairs neighbor into a frenzy of high-heel clicking. We can’t tell if the clicks are out of delight or horror (both?), nor do we care.

We’re also reading The Revisionist, which arrived in the mail already (yay, Calamari Press, you’re way better than the rubber band looking fish dish of the same name) and I’m eating vegetarian candy corn, which is just as delicious as regular candy corn, with 100% less horse hooves. If they only made those miniature pumpkins out of pure sugar, my life would be complete.


Sarah said...

DAMMIT! It is 7:49 in the morning, and I am totally eating horse hooves. Why is there gelatin in Everything?

Megan said...

because it makes your teeth gleam, of course! that stuff that got on my coat the other night was definitely melted horsehooves. brush it on your teeth and they will shine for miles.

Sarah said...

This reminds me: What's our new Venom Literati book?

We still need recommendations from Stacey and David, but what else is there?

I know Kathy had requested Samuel Johnson Is Indignant, and I'm on board for that.

I'm also up for making The Revisionist our book.


Meghan said...

Abby might approve of The Revisionist. It's less than 70 pages, with pictures!

Megan said...

revisionist and samuel johnson, yes. in whatever order. i've read half of samuel johnson (this is how i read books when i don't have pressure) and it's hilarious. sarah you are a businesswoman. you just said, "i'm on board."

Sarah said...

Jesus Christ! It just slips out.

Kathy and I decided on Samuel Johnson this morning. It is official.