Thursday, October 11, 2007

mr. wizard was kind of hot when he was in black and white

dear literati and friends,

look at my missed connections! the one i wrote today is called you: short balding man with pet bear at rossi's.

the one i wrote yesterday is called you are even hotter than mr. wizard. i wrote this post in response to i was on my way home from the science fair which was written by neil kubath, a friend i made on missed connections! he is funny. he also wrote you: female cookie monster us: children of cookies. it is good.

and the fake missed connections craze is catching on. my friend john gillette in iowa city wrote lost you when i stopped for grilled cheese. it features a rhinestone encrusted eye patch. now you're hooked.


when i first started writing missed connections i made them quasi-believable, and even though they were weird i still got some responses from people wanting to hook up. now i hardly get any, except for one yesterday. it is in response to my mr. wizard post. it is:

"Do you have a photo of you in the kitty kat sweatshirt? I'm 30 and live on the northside. I have a photo to send in return."

sarah and i were just talking about how weird it is to get sincere, straightforward responses to our posts, even though the things we write are clearly made to sound like they were written by crazy people. i believe we could write a case study and sell it to an academic journal firmly committed to phenomonology and laughs.


here is an archive of all my other missed connections to date in case you are a giant nerd and want to read them. i know you do.

i need someone tall to help me put the dishes away
and then someone wrote this in response
you're so funny
if you play the harmonica i would like to give you two dollars
sorry i threw up on you


Megan said...

these are so awesome. i sort of want to start writing "casual encounters" posts that are really nasty and unliterary.

Anonymous said...

Top Secret Project Number Eight.

Venom Literati said...

i know, i am a bit afraid of the casual encounters and a bit enticed. mine will still probably be completely absurd though. i want to see how weird i can make it and still get responses! people are weirdos!

Venom Literati said...

that was me kathy. from now i am going to shorten that to TWMK. you'll know what it means.