Thursday, October 11, 2007

i suck this week

i suck this week. i have nothing to say. i have thought about nothing. my mind is empty as a mummy's mind. i have been teaching and grading papers rather than visiting our blog. it has made me stupid.

i apologize in advance for this stupid post about life savers. for reasons unknown to me, i just bought a roll and was thrilled to discover that they got rid of the lemon and lime flavors, and replaced them with raspberry and watermelon, which is awesome.

cherry is not as good as i remember it being. i used to buy whole boxes of luden's cough drops because it was like winning a roll of all cherry life savers. they were so delicious. but now the cherry ones just taste like a cough drop to me.
what an awesome name for a candy, though, and what if they really did what their name suggests?


Anonymous said...

You're so witty, Ms. Megan. Sucking, lifesavers. Haha!

Meghan said...

You should come to Alliance. I'm having a midterm grade-athon. We can laugh about typos and play a drinking game (a shot for every paper that says "the children are our future.") I am sitting in the back room and pretending it's 2006 and it's still green and it's still the smoking section.

Anonymous said...

Here's something weird. At my office we have been singing, "The Greatest Love Of All" off-key and at the top of our lungs all day. Seriously. VL is psychically connected.

Venom Literati said...

"my sorry lifesavers"


sarah and abby are going to be gone, boo, but the rest of us literati should vandalize something this weekend. whadaya say?

Venom Literati said...

that was me kathy. damn you blogger.