Friday, October 12, 2007

why am i not in a hot air balloon right now

my missed connection today is called sorry i didn't catch you as you plummeted towards the earth.

also, here is the saddest missed connection i have seen so far, and here is the strangest/dirtiest/funniest one. it is from iowa city.

what's that? you don't care about missed connections? well you better start, mister.

you better start.


Meghan said...

Please continue writing these so I will never have to grade midterms.

Kathy said...

i really wish i would have signed my hot air balloonist post as "here, there or in the air."


Megan said...

I love the word "morsel." Thank you for using it.

tyson said...

i love missed connections. keep 'em coming.

Kathy said...

hi tyson! hey everybody, it's tyson!