Monday, October 22, 2007

Writers: They're Just Like Us!

I read The Last Novel yesterday and the day before yesterday, and very much liked it.

There's something really comforting in reading about other writers saying and doing stuff that is either mean or dumb (or, your know, smart or insightful).

It's sort of like that spread in celebrity magazines where we see Heath Ledger picking his nose and Kate Hudson making out with that dude with girl hair in the produce aisle.

Also, it is very depressing to recognize that I have a spot in my brain for Heath Ledger, and can find out loads of information at him with but a few key strokes, but nobody will tell me if they've recently spotted David Markson wandering the streets of New York City.

Let's start a magazine. We'll put Wayne on the first cover, of course. In the red turtleneck, even more of course. We'll invade writers' privacy and elevate them to the level of, say, an Owen Wilson or a Miley Cyrus.

We'll take gentle stalking to the next level.


flabby-abby1973 said...

That's a good idea. Mags for writers are so serious and pretentious. You should start an US Weekly for writers. Lots of color photos and stories about their personal lives. The fashion police page would be like 12 pages instead.

Anonymous said...

True confession: I always feel like the people in the fashion police pages are not dressed that poorly.

Plus, I don't see why the popular kids feel the need to taunt Bjork so much. She dresses strangely. Deal with it.

Meghan said...

I volunteer to be all 12 pages of the fashion police pages.

Megan said...

I need the fashion police, too. I will have my own 12 pages. Clearly Wayne should dress us all. Except Kathy, who always looks lovely. No offense to any of the rest of you, you are beautiful, but Kathy always looks super duper. Kathy, be my fashion police?

Anonymous said...

Kathy has a more sophisticated sense of style than the rest of us. Rumor has it she recently purchased a Vera Wang scarf.

Maybe we should just start a magazine that's pictures of us dressed for everyday.

Kathy said...

my self-esteem has just increased 10 fold.

you guys are hot, i'll totally be your wardrobe girl.