Thursday, September 13, 2007


The Missouri Review is offering prizes of $3,000 in fiction, poetry and non-fiction, deadline October 1.
As we learned on Sarah and Abby’s back porch, it is pronounced Missour-ee and not Missour-uh, as I was misinformed by relatives from Southern Missour-uh, who also pronounce Wayne as “Waaaayne.”


Sarah Jackson Moore said...

OMG how hard is it to post something. this is my 3rd attempt. hopefully the other two only accedentally went to Sarah Eaton.

this message keeps gettin less interesting the more times I type it.

however. my grandmother is from Missour-ah and she would agree with your relatives and not with two loons from northern Iowa.

I hope this finally works. It may be my last blog comment ever. it is just too complicated.

Megan said...

thank you for the map.

will the yokels be judging? should i write about jesus driving them to heaven on their tractors?

i have entered this before i think. i like the mo review but they don't like me.

Meghan said...

Maybe you have to pronounce the state correctly to be eligible for the prize. Stacey is from St. Louis. Maybe she'll know.

Meghan said...

And yes, you should always write about Jesus driving people to heaven on tractors. We really need to pull ourselves together people and start writing about tractors if we're ever going to make the Granta top 20 young and hot novelists with bad haircuts.

Anonymous said...

You did a-okay, SJM. I think we determined, officially, that the entirety of Missouri pronounces it Missourah excepting St. Louis because they are city-folk.

I used to be in 4-H. I should be a young and hot novelist.