Thursday, September 20, 2007

Chris Bower is the future of robot literature

When I met Chris Bower in grad school, I was wary of him because he looks like a Chicago kind of guy. But one day I saw him walking down Michigan Avenue covered in orange peels, his eyes red and buggy, and I realized he’s a total freak. Everyone should read these stories he wrote, which almost caused a straight-on-straight gay bashing at a bar in Logan Square whose regulars include a man named Peanuts.


Anonymous said...

I particularly enjoyed the first story. Kudos to this Chris Bower individual.

Kathy said...

chris bower is so funny and strange. he thinks i've never heard of the blue line. why doesn't he comment on our blog? what a robot d-bag.

After School Matters Photo/Writing said...

Over a year later and I am still a robot d-bag.