Friday, September 7, 2007

My First Time

(I'm a little nervous because my beautiful picture is a jumble of letters and numbers and symbols right now. It is very interesting to me, however, to see myself in this's almost more beautiful than the actual image....what am I saying? Haha, that's sort of ridiculous.) I chose this particular image today, as my first in a series of, oh, 200? because I think I look intelligent and judgemental which is sort of like this blog. You see, I am, how should I say this? I am less than confident when it comes to my own intelligence...HELL I'm gonna come right out and say this...I didn't read HOTEL WOMEN. OK!? Where was I? Oh yeah, I may be above average intelligence (I was invited to contribute to Venom Literati for God's sake) but it is not the first thing people notice about me. What is? Well, my gleaming white teeth for starters (which you will see in future posts). What do people notice? My hair, my eyes, my thin yet expressive lips, the pinkness of my you get the picture?(so to speak, hehe. I am and always will be an actress and I love that about me. I may not be a fancy-pants-New-York-City-liberal- elite-professor-writer-lady-with-little-wire-glasses-who-can-make-words-pretty. BUT! I take a damn good picture.
You know what's weird? I sound like a conservative when I'm insecure.


Anonymous said...

Your insecurity is adorable. Your next photograph should showcase that.

Live@theGrouchoClub said...
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Live@theGrouchoClub said...

Pretty lady...more pictures!