Sunday, September 16, 2007

aidan quinn is so handsome

remember that show where aidan quinn played an episcopalian priest and he talked to jesus in his car all the time? i liked that show.

another thing i like is this project by shawn huelle. a few years ago he started writing memos at his office job every day. they are good. i guess he eventually got fired because of it. i think he did the right thing.

remember when people used to say "i didn't get the memo?" i guess people don't say that anymore because no one ever gets memos. i don't know if i've ever gotten a memo. what's the difference between a memo and an email? i think maybe a memo has something to do with paper.

well some people do still say "i didn't get the memo." but they are the same people that say "been there done that" and "oh no she didn't." last night at this bar i heard someone say "get 'er done" in a non-sarcastic way. i guess he didn't get the memo that no one says get 'er done anymore. although sometimes i do say get 'er done to sarah because she hates it. i need to remember to say get 'er done to sarah more often.

aidan quinn is so handsome.


Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, I used to write memos and then fax them to people.

Also, I received a memo today for the first time in many years. I will show it to you.

Jack Morgan said...

I used to teach business English to business people who wanted to take the London Chamber of Commerce exam. LCC wants their examinees to write know how to write memos. I They are almost exactly like memos. In fact, cc and bcc come from memos. It used to be "carbon copy" not "courtesy copy."

I was at a wedding once where the father, in his speech, said get 'er done like four times or something and I wondered if he knew what he was saying about his daughter. I vowed to never go to another wedding. . .that is, until I find a rich woman who wants to marry for love.

Kathy said...

jack morgan has lived in both london and kentucky. he has friends from all over the world. one of these friends taught him the phrase "courtesy copy" which i have never heard before, even though i totally work in the corporate world and know all of the jargon and am on the verge of buying a black suit and high heels.

soon i will run away to be a hot air balloonist.

Megan said...

what's a memo?

flabby-abby1973 said...

I say GIT 'er done with an "I" instead of an "E". Sarah HATES it. I love how much she hates it.
I have never worked anywhere or done anything that even REMOTELY has anything to do with memos.