Sunday, September 30, 2007

Frances Johnson: the minutes

Observations about Frances Johnson, all of which are copular sentences (I think):

Munson is a lock-in.

Dr. Mark Carol is sexy.

Nancy is Frances' therapist.

Kenny is evil.

Frances' procedure is some kind of women's troubles remover (e.g.: period flowbee).

Curly-Dawn is an awesome name.

Mostly, when we like stuff (as was the case here), we spend a lot of time reading our favorite parts out loud, like the scene where Frances jokes with Nancy by smushing her legs on the hassock: "With a confused, myopic gaze, Nancy tried to withdraw her legs so slowly that the unpleasant dryness of stockings and skin scratched along Frances' legs, even as the woman completed the movement with a sudden jerk that made her hair fly." And so on. That whole scene is so good.

Quotes out of context

"I'm too busy and important to read things. I skim."

"They can still see up people's skirts though."

"He said 'sexy' six times!"

"I picture Stacey Levine looking like Jennifer Jason Leigh."

"Currently I make zero dollars."

"Oh, the tranny 'ho!"

"I'm sure he got the best BJ of his life later."

"Boys don't have friends unless they're all single and hang out in a pack."

"My marathon party will consist of people coming over to the deck to put ice bags on me."

Special guests

David Lee Roth did not show up, although I do admit I gave him very short notice. Still. You'd think he'd have made an effort.

Also, we missed Meghan.


Meghan said...

I missed you too. I intended to get to book club, but after a long day of social interaction, I didn't know where I was. There was a man asleep on the bar for two hours whose phone was ringing the whole time. He woke himself up by dancing. Then he sat by Elisa and I and said we were adorable and then I said to stop hitting on us and return to where he had been sleeping and text his poor girlfriend (who had been calling every five minutes during his nappy poo. He showed me about 20 missed calls with the name Sarah). I even told him what to text. Say "I am an asshole and I'm sorry." He said he wasn't sorry and the situation was too complicated for us too understand. I told him he probably didn't deserve that or any girlfriend. Some women who'd been watching the whole exchange applauded. I don't know if she's out there, but Sarah, wherever you are, your boyfriend is an asshole and he is not sorry.

Meghan said...

When are we having the AbFab intervention for Megan Martin?

Meghan said...

Also, the peanuts at this bar were excellent and very fresh. The bartender showed me the bottle of them in case I wanted to buy some later on sale at Jewel. I think we should meet at this bar--which I believe is somewhere on the way to Lincoln Square--in the future or at least have these peanuts. They have a 4am license but the sleeping man said they've been known to close around 6.

Kathy said...

what is an AbFab intervention?

Anonymous said...

Let's meet at this bar. It sounds intriguing. AbFab=Absolutely Fabulous.

Meghan said...

What Sarah said. An AbFab intervention is where you come over to my apartment and I force you to watch endless hours of BBC comedy while drinking the large bottle of Pimms I've been trying to get rid of for months. I might also have some vegemite and gross crackers if you drop in around tea time.

Megan said...

ooh, vegemite. i'm there. i still don't get my intervention, but if i get vegemite i am happy to be...intervened?