Friday, September 7, 2007

all you ever talk about is your kids

  • soft skull press found our letter to wayne koestenbaum. they are good. they published hotel theory.

  • i like clay bane's blog 'poetry is so boring.' i can't remember where i found him. he is everywhere.

  • i like biographia photographia by micah robbins. i like it when people take portraits of statues as though they were real people. that is interesting.

  • i didn't really read very much of hotel theory. i have a bad attitude. i read 'you are a little bit happier than i am' by tao lin instead. i like the poems 'i am unemployed,' 'i am about to kill my literary agent,' and 'poem to end my head off.'

if the meaning of life is to have children, then venom literati is collectively meaningless. i like that.


Anonymous said...

Kathy, what if the meaning of your life is the thing you talk about the most?

In that case, the meaning of my life is probably food.

Megan said...

mine is definitely food.

and sex. but like bashful jr. high sex.

or rather: the way jr. high schoolers talk raunchily about sex.

like in 6th grade when my best friend lindsey and i made up a rap about our social studies teacher harry dick trotter. (this was his real name.)

our rap was about how he wore pants made of paper for easy access and how our gym teacher mrs. mcneil was always sucking him off behind the lectern he stood behind when he taught.

he could also swing from ceilings and rafters by his giant penis. it was like a monkey arm or something.

the meaning of my life is talking about raunchy, absurd sex. i know all ya'll wanted to know that.

Meghan said...

We already knew and liked that about you, Megan.

Meghan said...

I traveled for a very long time to get to a coffee shop that is not Alliance. I started to get paranoid since everyone at Alliance knows my last three addresses, which is more than I know about myself. Also a cute one of them asked for my name recently. Now they know four more things about me than I know about myself. I'm at a coffee shop called Metropolis. I think this coffee shop should be moved down to Kathy's neighborhood and my neighborhood. This would be much more convenient for me than paying for Comcast.