Monday, September 17, 2007

Oh yeah...some books are good

Lacking a literary collective (or even a book club) in the last couple of years, I spent a lot of time at the library being overwhelmed. To remedy this problem, I beelined for the new books section and chose lots of books at random, based mainly on title and graphics and size--what some might call "cover."

I read a lot of crap, developed a penchant for first novels and began cultivating The Dread.

The Dread is the feeling that no one will ever, ever understand what you are doing, so you should change it. It feels a lot like being a teenager. It sucks the fun out of writing. It just sucks.

I got Frances Johnson in the mail this afternoon. Hooray for Frances Johnson. Because oh yeah, some books are good.

Also, I like its cover.


Megan said...

by "doing" you mean doing anything/everything, not just writing, right?

because the dread encompasses my whole life...

also i hate mondays and tuesdays because i don't get to play on our blog, which makes me happier than everything else in the world...i have to play with my students instead--not like that, meghan. you are so sick.

please don't fire me again. i am tired of resigning contracts.

Anonymous said...

I think we should actually get those wigs to wear when we feel The Dread creeping.

Meghan said...

I won't fire you today. But who will I fire?

That is *not* the cover of Frances Johnson. Although that guy could very well be from Munson.

Anonymous said...

Wait. If that's not the cover of Frances Johnson, what am I reading?

Megan said...

wigs will murder the dread. and skateboards. skateboarding with those wigs on.