Tuesday, September 25, 2007

benicio del toro is becoming a wolf. i would like to become something.

dear venom literati,

i am unbearably sad but i can't say why on the internet. you know why. but it's not good for business to say why. i do not like business.

i love benicio del toro. he is always thinking. i bet he has never worked in an office.

i also really like the part in frances johnson where they are lying in bed and she says:

"It doesn't make sense to me," she exhaled toward the window, which framed a dark, gelatinous sky. "Two adults, in the middle of the night...one lying on top of the other...?" Frances felt out of sorts.

it doesn't make sense to me either. i also like how frances doesn't think she's a child, a girl, or a woman--"Was she unique?" sometimes i'm not sure if stacey levine is making a parody out of frances, and then i think maybe stacey would make fun of me for identifying with frances so much. but i do. i am frances.

i have to go to boston now.

it is so sad,



Anonymous said...

Me too.

I cannot inject enough misery into the typewritten word.

flabby-abby1973 said...

buck up you pussies. (love ya)

Meghan said...

I'm imagining you and Sarah at the Northeastern regional office-supply convention in Philadelphia. Frances isn't a parody.

Tao Lin said...

i like things that seem like parody but really it is just like the author has encompassed all tones and is doing like an intense version of sarcasm that seems like parody or satire but is actually just the author being as sincere as possible

i hope that makes sense

Anonymous said...

That does make sense. Sometimes going into and beyond sarcasm is the only way to be sincere.

I feel that way today.

Business meetings are awesome.