Thursday, September 13, 2007

Britney 'n' me

Too much relevance frightens me, so this post is about Britney Spears.
I see a lot of similarities between Britney and me. She has that if-you-try-and-you-fail-you-suck-but-if-you-don’t-try-you-have-an-excuse-for-failing syndrome (methinks), which I, too, fall into if I’m not careful. We share a fondness for very small dogs. Both of us have oral fixations. Also, I think we gain weight in the same places.
Which flailing-through-celebrity personality do you resemble?


Megan said...

I have to go with Paris. For the vanity, naivete, and tacky outfit choices.

We have the same valley girl accent, too. And you all know how lazy I am when it comes to "real work." I want to be famous, or at least rich, for doing nothing, too.

Also I think Paris is sweet, like how Brit is sweet. Why is the paparazzi so mean to them? They are my inspiration.

Meghan said...

Those of you with real jobs probably haven't heard yet that 50 Cent went to his record label and threw a plasma screen tv out the window because he is losing to Kanye West. I heard this from Roxanne on B96, who has a really sexy voice but probably looks like
a porcupine.

Get a clue, 50. The narcissistic thug thing is so 1996. If you want to have a hit record, go to Rotofugi and get a cute bear design for your album cover.

Anonymous said...


Sarah Jackson Moore said...

I like Lindsey Lohan, 1st of all she has freckles and 2nd I can relate to clean and wholesome turning dirty and drunk. I have faith that she'll take a shower soon and wake up in the morning feeling fresh and clean again.

In her clairity she'll understand that she also may need some acting classes.

Venom Literati said...

the funny thing is that 50 and kanye's labels are both owned by the same company.

so the company probably requested that he do it for publicity.

i also heard this morning that 50's gonna stop rapping if kanye beats him.

the npr guy called them "mr. west and mr....cent" and then burst into laughter, which was awesome.

Meghan said...
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Meghan said...
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Kathy said...

i am mary kate and ashley olson. or kirstie alley.

Megan said...

speaking of kanye, it is, like the hottest thing in the world when he goes, "uh," and he does it four times IN A ROW on the first song of his new album.

i am going to make my boyfriend dress up like kanye tonight and go uh, uh, uh, uh repeatedly instead of having a conversation.

Meghan said...
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Meghan said...

I sang the chorus to Kanye West's "Good Morning" to my cats this morning, and it killed their fleas.