Friday, September 21, 2007

Correction: Unabridged books does not have everything

In keeping with the Seattle theme of Stacey Levine Week, I went to Unabridged books to try to find O. Street by Corinna Wycoff (Click OV books after you click this), and they did not have it. I guess I will have to mail-order it and hope the mafia doesn’t stop it at the edge of town with the rest of my mail.

I bought a book called The Littlest Hitler instead by a Seattle writer I can tell is not nearly as cool as Corinna Wycoff. I feel like the writer of the Littlest Hitler is a guy who lives with his wife and works at a dotcom in my old neighborhood in Seattle and plays board games and makes his friends take their shoes off when they come in the house. So every time you visit him, you have to make sure you're wearing clean, matching socks. Even though guys like that can write an interesting story that occasionally amuses me against my own will, I still find them annoying. And I find it annoying that The Littlest Hittler is put out by a major press when books more deserving of a satiny cover and nice design and three pages of newspaper kudos are not.


Anonymous said...

I've been going through this thing lately where I'm incapable of reading anything sad. O Street looks like it's about struggling. Struggling makes me sad.

I am shallow.

Dobbs said...

What about Matt Briggs? He lives in Seattle. Briggs is more dangerous, I think.

Meghan said...

Matt Briggs isn't dangerous. I think he lost to the Typing Explosion in one of those Beacon Hill backyard wrestling contests. Though who didn't.

Sarah, don't tell me you're only going to buy cheerful books with food on the cover now. If I find Eat, Pray Love abandoned in my bag, I'm going to send Fangs.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope it doesn't get that far.

Megan said...

ugh, jesus, that does sound depressing. i could barely read the summary.

i hate people who make you take your shoes off. i will probably be one of them someday though.

mattbriggs said...

O Street is sad.