Monday, September 10, 2007

i am only going to read abraham heschel from now on

someone has turned my brain lights out.
when i say "someone" i am not necessarily blaming you.
on the sabbath you are not supposed to ignite or put out a fire.
this includes microwaves.
you can leave your stove top burner on a low flame the night before
for hot soup
but you are not supposed to stir it.
you put a lot of water in it.
you also cannot turn on a lamp
so you have to sleep with the lights on
you should not turn the light off!


Anonymous said...

I am going to attempt to go cold-turkey on the coffee, both as a show of solidarity and because yesterday it caused me a personality change during our morning meeting.

Um...sugar? That might work.

Megan said...

nothing herbal in pill-form works; that's for sure. and valerian root smells like rotten-anything.

i am a huge fan of minty tea. i prefer spearmint to peppermint. (peppermint tastes like schnapps, but maybe you like that idea.)

however if you can find a blend of spearmint AND peppermint, it is way better than spearmint alone.

when i wasn't drinking, smoking, of caffeinating this was my substitute and it really did make my brain light up healthily.

Anonymous said...

I'm buying some today.

flabby-abby1973 said...

i was a bit jumpy today too. tea might be a nice alternative for me as well. i smelled my own armpits in front my class today. now all of the 2 year olds think it is a part of "wheels on the bus".

Megan said...

what do armpits sound like? do they "go"?

Megan said...

abby, do you realize that your little anecdotes are actually poems? give them line breaks.