Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Don't worry VL...I'm here!

Well, it looks like it's up to me to blog today. Either you guys are busy or you are respecting the solemness of this day...the day that 50 cent quits the music biz 'cause Kanye is gonna kick his a$%!
I spent today in the car looking for Fergie songs on the radio. I was quite successful. I heard GLAMOROUS once and Big Girls Don't Cry 3 times! Good day. I also thought about Amanda Bynes a lot. I was making stories in my head about her asking me for advice and being jealous of how pretty I am. That little gal just doesn't know how talented she really is and I hope she makes better movie choices from now on. I bet she has the chops for real drama and I would HATE to see her pigeon-holed into these fluffy romantic cheese whiz poop-doodles.
(help. venom literati is trying to turn me into a robot.)
Today is going to be extra lovely because I get to narrow down my headshots into my 15 favs! This is going to take ALL DAY because they are all so f@#$ing perfect.
I wailed on my quads yesterday by doing 8000 lunges with Jillian Michaels-trainer-to-the-stars. I scared the s@#t out of Eli when I bent down to pick him up because I am so sore I went "eeeeaaaagggghhhhhheerrrrrrrrroooohhhhhhh!" and he scratched me on the boob.


Megan said...

I am in love with Amanda Bynes. I like her fat, squishy, adorable face. Your face is prettier in a different, less-squishy way.

Anonymous said...

Every member of Venom Literati is in love with her. We should write her a letter.

I also love Kanye.

Anonymous said...

And Fergie

Meghan said...

Amanda Bynes is much too old. I prefer women born after 1987. Or before 1947!